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“Henry Holloway is the foremost protagonist of American music of the 20's, 30's and 40's that I have come across outside the USA ” – American Ambassador William Swing ( June 29 1992 ).

“When I lift a glass June 18 th (my birthday) I will toast Henry Holloway and toast the great songs, All The Way” (June 14 th 1989) – Quadruple Oscar-winning lyricist Sammy Cahn (“Three coins in the fountain” 1954, “All the way” 1957, “High hopes” 1959 and “Call me irresponsible” 1963). The first Emmy ever for a song: “Love and marriage”.

“My respect and admiration for the work and taste of Henry Holloway, a man whose professionalism in the most pervasive communication of all time, the American popular songs, is of the highest calibre” ( October 9 2000 ) – Triple Oscar-winning lyricist Ray Evans (“Buttons and bows” 1948, “Mona Lisa” 1950 and “Que sera sera” 1956)

“Our Board of Directors has voted unanimously to present to you our ‘Golden Bandstand Award'. Your homeland should be justly proud of you, as you are the first South African to be so honored” – Milt Bernhart, President, Big Band Academy of America. ( November 6 2002 )

“Your ‘Golden Bandstand Award' truly recognises your many years of promoting the great American music on your radio programmes” – Gary Player ( January 30 2003 )

“I am thrilled that your large contribution to music has been recognised by the Big Band Academy of America. I am delighted for you. You truly deserve the accolade. God bless you.” - Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu ( 25 February 2003 )

“It is a singular honour, not only for you, but for South Africa . You have brought so much pleasure to hundreds of thousands during your distinguished broadcasting career.” Nobel Peace Laureate and Ex-President F.W. de Klerk ( 10 January 2003 )

“I am particularly delighted that you are the first South African to be thus honoured” –Cyril Ramaphosa ( 27 February 2003 )

“I congratulate you, especially as you are the only South African ever to achieve this honour. And to have prevailed over a 30 year period makes it remarkable” – Ernie Els ( 13 February 2003 )

“Henry Holloway, without a doubt South Africa's authority on Big Bands, mainstream small-group jazz and the legendary vocalists, has received more recognition from the USA for his lifelong efforts in promoting the one art form that America can rightly lay claim to - jazz” – The Herald (March 7 2003)

"Henry Holloway, master nostalgiac" - Percy Baneshik (legendary "Star" music critic, October 9 1991)

“Henry Holloway is without a doubt the cat's meow” – Artie Shaw ( February 27 2002 )

“My dear Henry: I've known many of the great broadcasters and interviewers, but I can honestly say that in my entire experience in the music industry, I never saw, heard, or met your equal. Your knowledge and professionalism is legendary” – Hal Shaper (12 October 2001) Mr Shaper wrote the lyrics for “Softly as I leave you”, which Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, among others, recorded; he was elected to the British Hall of Fame; he was also a music publisher in the UK (he held the Frank Sinatra rights there), and he won five Baftas (the British Academy Award).

“During his 30 years of broadcasting, Henry Holloway has gained a reputation as a world authority on swing and the legendary vocalists” - Jack Lebo in “Big Band World” ( UK ) (November 2003)

“The (Glenn Miller disappearance) story has now been repeated all over the world….but if it wasn't for our own Henry Holloway, it might never have been told” – Personality magazine ( October 10 1988 ).

“Broadcaster Henry Holloway brought (RAF navigator) Fred Shaw's story to the notice of the world” – Page 151 of Roy Nesbit's book, “Missing, believed killed” (Sutton Publishers, UK , 2002).

“Henry Holloway's world record-breaking radio series (115 half-hour programmes during 2004/5/6) has provided a chronological anthology of Glenn Miller's career that is without peer. It remains THE definitive broadcast account of the famous bandleader's life and musical legacy” – Tony Eaton, International Glenn Miller Society ( United Kingdom ) (October 2006).

“Henry Holloway's knowledge of the Big Band genre is encyclopedic. – John Tumpak, Foremost American (published) music journalist (March 2008).

“Since 1974 Henry Holloway has broadcast, in addition to his regular “Swing, Sing and All That Jazz” radio programs, nearly thirty long-running special series on the Golden Era and the Great American Songbook” – L.A. Jazz Scene (L.A.'s leading jazz paper) April 2007 issue.

"I have sent a copy of the summary of your radio programs to Willis Conover here,saying you are 'The Willis Conover of South Africa'!"-Chase Untermeyer,Director,Voice of America (10 May 92')

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